Long Day at Work

 Head Bang

As I start every new day, I tend to believe that it will be a great day.  I try to imagine the day as I would like it to be, with each person I interact with being jovial, kind and understanding.  That my coworkers are friendly and courteous.  That the drive into work is peaceful and without massive amounts of verbal abuse hurled at the idiotic drivers who think it’s appropriate to cut someone off.

And then….as I head out into the pasture, I look around and see more pathetic than I could ever talk or write about. 

It’s as though I was created for this very purpose.  To view the sights and hear the sounds, soaking up each event as it unfolds in all its pathetic wonder. 

For instance, Driving to work at my regular time in the early morning hours only to discover that all the other cattle decided to do the exact same thing, making the early morning rush hour traffic on a Monday after a holiday week extremely less enjoyable than it normally is.

Pulling into the parking garage early enough to find a place to park in the lower areas where my car should be protected from the elements, but having to drive to the very top floor because everyone else in the herd decided to do the one thing they NEVER do….come to work early that day.  

Arriving to my cubicle only to start up my computer after being off for the past four days and seeing the dreaded “blue screen of death” because MicroCharmin refuses to build an OS that isn’t full of bugs. 

Checking my voice mail messages and finding out that I was severely missed by 14 people …14 people who were too stupid to take a vacation day last Friday, and thought I should have been at work because they were.

Having to move to another cubicle while my computer is being fixed…only to find that the one spare cubicle in the entire office is completely filthy and should be condemned by the health department, razed and rebuilt by Habitat for Humanity. 

FYI — I was moved to where Pajama Top sits, and I don’t want to touch anything in this cubicle.  The keyboard is covered in something sticky and has food crumbs all over it.  The chair is covered in stains, of what, I do not know…and wow…SEVEN open cans of soda on the desk that are half empty, an open bag of potato chips, a partially eaten piece of pizza and a bag of M&M’s.

I can’t believe this is the only cubicle/computer that was free this morning.  

Monday’s are bad enough, but it’s days like today that make me seriously consider finding another job.  My only fear is that changing locations wouldn’t be any different…just more of the same with different people and a different building.






9 thoughts on “Long Day at Work

  1. You got four days off?! Yeah, leave it to me to hone in on that one aspect of your story. I’m with you on the “herd” deciding to head to the pasture early though; the train was crowded with a capital C! And I’m still AT work thank you very much. 😦

    Let’s try to look on the bright side though – it’s the first Monday of January. I choose to believe all those early birds are going to flounder soon enough back into their regular routines. Fingers crossed.

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