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I don’t care for local news/media/journalism.   It’s all quite pathetic, but over the past couple days I’ve watched the late local news in my area and they’ve been stressing this thing called a “flu bug” that seems to be going around.

Some of you may have heard about it.  I guess it’s pretty lethal and quite deadly.  Something along the lines of Ebola and the plague.

Anyway, this has been the lead story for the past couple days because I guess there’s been a lull in robberies, murders and other bad stuff in my local community; so they feel it necessary to talk about something that has the potential to create more drama in a person’s life than it really needs too.

For example….

One reporter interviewed a doctor who said that this year’s “flu bug” is the worst thing to hit our area since they can remember. 

hrrm…”since they can remember…?”  

Either that doctor has been living in a cave for the past 40 years or they didn’t pay attention in school because from what I remember…every previous flu outbreak since forever has been labeled as “the worst”.

Another reporter interviewed a doctor who said that they didn’t want people with a highly contagious disease to come into the office.

How in the world does a person know if they are highly contagious if they don’t go to their doctor for a check up to find out if they are highly contagious?   Are we supposed to self-diagnose and write out our own prescriptions now?

Or I guess we could just sit at home and hope that our illness isn’t highly contagious.  Didn’t typhoid Mary think the same thing?   No?   Yes?   How’d that turn out?

Maybe that’s what this affordable health care thing was all about.  We become our own doctors and those with the medical degree just go play golf, surf the web and eat jell-o from the hospital cafeteria.

All the while the rest of us are sitting around trying to figure out if we have a highly contagious disease.

In another interview the doctor stated that they didn’t want sick people to come into their office and make other people sick who are in their waiting room.  (hence the above ecard)

For some of you less educated in the herd…I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in…

(…insert elevator music here…)

Okay, if it didn’t sink in, allow me to explain…

The person who is paid to diagnose your symptoms doesn’t want you to come into their office and sit in their waiting room with the other sick patients because you’ll get those people sick.

Of course there are a few people who will be waiting to see the doctor who aren’t sick…like the one person who came in for a physical…but come on, Doc!

You’re a doctor.

There are germs in your office.

It’s your job to see sick people; so even though I understand what you’re saying, that isn’t a comment you want to have broadcast through your local news station.

Kind of gives the idea to your existing patients that you really don’t care about their health or making them better.

Doctors who don’t want to see sick patients are pathetic.



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