Hot Crazy Matrix


With the new year upon us some of you will be making resolutions to start new relationships, and during the process of dating many of you will be trying to figure out which one is worth dating, which one is worth having fun with…worth marrying….blah, blah…blah 

If only there were a way to filter out the good from the bad…

If only there were a matrix that would give you the answers you seek…

Well, I’m happy to inform you, there is! 

For those who have seen this, it’s not new…for those who haven’t…

Dana McClendon has come up with a Matrix that will assist you in finding that one special person worthy of your time and your efforts. 

Below are a couple videos explaining the hot/crazy matrix to help guide you through your dating process.  In the first video the first five and a half minutes are for the guys and the last minute and a half is for the women.

The second video is just an interview, but it gives a better understanding of why they did the Matrix and what’s come from the video going viral.  

cover up crazy**note 1:  This was meant as a joke…It’s not perfect science…Please don’t take this seriously.

**note 2:  If you do happen to take this seriously, you’re more than likely in the “NO GO” zone…and just an FYI  — That is – not where you want to be.  

**note 3:  Please be good followers and share this with your friends and family.  It should make for excellent conversation during your upcoming new year’s eve gathering. 


People who take the Hot/Crazy matrix seriously are pathetic.

not you its me



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