He Knows When You’re Awake

Something isn’t right.

It’s an uneasy feeling that just won’t go away.

I can feel it in my soul, like …  ‘something’ … or … ‘someone’ … is watching me.  It’s really making me bitter, angry and frustrated.

This is really bugging me that I am feeling so uncomfortable, I just wish I knew what it was.

I just can’t put my finger on it.  /scratches head\


I’m not hungry because I already ate.

I’m not tired because I got the sleep I needed.

I’m not feeling fat because I’m losing weight.

It’s not a vitamin deficiency because I take my vitamins and eat what I should every day.

It’s not exercise deficiency because I seem to get enough of that.

Hrmmm…this is so weird.

Wow!  Even as I’m typing this I can feel the frustration mounting…

It’s like there’s a presence that I can’t account for.  Something looking over my shoulder…watching me…

Wish I knew what it was that was making me so uneasy…

Maybe it’s because of that Christmas song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”?

That line in the song: “he sees you when you’re sleeping, and he knows when you’re awake…” That line always makes me feel as uncomfortable as an antelope in a lion’s den.

Hahaha….What am I thinking…? 

That can’t be it…

/shrugs shoulders\ 

My mind’s playing tricks on me again…   Oh well…guess it’s nothing…







… Ummm …  … okay …

that …  

… actually  … 


… might  …


… be … it …

So, yeah….

have a Merry Christmas.

Creepy Santas are pathetic.


12 thoughts on “He Knows When You’re Awake

  1. Great post. I watched the movie that your GIF is taken from at 3.00 am today. “Rare Export: A Christmas Tale”. Its a very creepy movie.


  2. Talk that way about jolly Santa, and he may just well skip flying over your house and you won’t have any Christmas presents!


    • your comment made me look over my shoulder to be sure he wasn’t. But now do you understand why I don’t like that song?

      and you’ll be bitterly impressed that I created/added the trailer per your question if there would be a trailer.


  3. I always get that feeling. I hate when it hits me right as I’m walking in the hallway that leads to my bedroom because I walk past a couple doors.


    • hahaha. that would be very unsettling.

      in all seriousness, I used to get that feeling at my grandparents house on holidays. It was weird…and then I told my grandmother and she told me her house was haunted by the ghosts of Christmas past. THAT didn’t help cure my fears. LOL

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