Udder Envy


I have noticed something on a few of the blogs I have researched.  That is this: many of the young ladies seem to have a problem with the size of their…


how shall I put this…


…  “Udders!”  

Yeah!  That seems like a proper term.  Let’s stick with that!

Before we continue I’d just like to say for the record…

NO!   I’m not researching porn blogs! 

(You cattle really need to get your minds out of the gutter!)

A lot of you are probably wondering what kind of blogs I have been reading to attain this information, but trust me when I tell you that they aren’t bad blogs. 

They are fairly well-written and contain a somewhat clean presence in their content; but since there are so many “boy crazy” women on the internet these days, it’s not difficult to find a few that talk about their “size” and how they wish they were bigger



From what I’ve gathered in my research I think women really have a problem with size more so than men, and I believe that size really does matter to you women, but you refuse to admit it.

And you’re not subtle about it at all.  

Most of the bloggers I’ve read talk about the “size” of a bank account, muscles, height or social status, but then it suddenly turns to the female anatomy.  Mostly the chest area and … quite possibly … your backsides … but … mostly in your chest area.  

Personally…and in my humble opinion…bigger isn’t better!  

I could go into all the reasons…and possibly make a few of you wonder how I know what I know…but I refuse to talk about things of an adult nature on a blog that isn’t supposed to be discussing matters of this “sensitivity (hint, hint…wink, wink).

I could also relate to you how much a “pillow” can reduce the amount of sleep one can achieve if pressed against the facial region far too long (hint, hint…wink, wink).

And that, if need be, a “handful” is just the right amount that one needs to enjoy a delectable dish if served up correctly (hint, hint…wink, wink)

Now, I can understand how many of you in the herd might be thinking that I’m trying to avoid the topic altogether by not talking about the reasons bigger isn’t always better, but truth be told, I’m just trying to bring some “satisfaction” to those of a more “petite” nature  (hint, hint…wink,wink)

So, if you think that bigger is better, and you want a larger “udder” for some strange reason, please remember…

Anyone who desires to have bigger “udders” are pathetic.



Herd Mooings

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