Skinny People


Skinny people are the worst! 

Skinny people think they know everything about exercise and weight loss.  Skinny people wear too much spandex.  Skinny people think they can wear yoga pants…


Skinny people spend too much time looking down on others. 

Skinny people spend too much time worrying about their weight and looking at themselves in the mirror.  Skinny people are too stupid to realize that gaining 5 pounds doesn’t make them fat…they are still skinny!!

skinny_jimcareySkinny people think too highly of themselves.  Skinny people are way too motivated for their own good.  Did I mention that skinny people think they know everything about exercise and weight loss?

Also, skinny people drive cars that are too big for them.  OBVIOUSLY they are compensating for something.

Okay…you’re skinny.  SO WHAT! 

Does that somehow give you the right to have this idea that because you’re skinny that makes you an attractive person?

Let me answer that for you.   NO!  No it does not!

Let me be the first…or maybe the thirty-first…person to tell you malnutritioned, sad-sack ‘cattle‘ that being skinny does not automatically make you attractive.  It’s what’s on the inside that matters.   

If you think that being skinny makes you attractive, it would be the same as thinking that since Oscar the Grouch is green; therefore, he’s Kermit the Frog’s brother.  And that’s just dumb because …well… to clear this up for the less educated who read my posts… Oscar the Grouch is not a frog, so he cannot be Kermit’s brother.  

So, if not a frog, then what is Oscar the Grouch? 

Honestly?  Really?   Wow! 

Way to get off topic here!  Only Jim Henson knows that and he’s dead.  sheesh!  

Come on people!!!   Get your heads on straight!!   Stay on topic!!!

benandjerrySo we need a law that skinny people can’t be skinny, but they can’t be fat either. 

My plan? 

The government would have to create a law that all skinny people would have to join a local all-you-can-eat buffet. 

That way, skinny people wouldn’t be as skinny as they were, and they wouldn’t have the strange thoughts in their heads that they were all that and a box of Kentucky Fried goodness.  In other words, they can’t have the image in their minds that they are “finger lickin’ good” if ya know what I mean?

And they would all have to be on a government watch list to make sure they don’t get too fat or too skinny.  Because if they get too fat, well…basic training would be a good way to eliminate the extra weight. 

Skinny people are pathetic! 

(btw…no one is immune to my rants…you’re all pathetic!)




11 thoughts on “Skinny People

  1. Pathetic post.
    Many people are thin because of society pushing anorexia on women and men — it’s all manufactured by big business to drive people crazy, pathetic, evil and mean spirited, which is the polar opposite of how our Creator, made us, He made us to love one another: one family in God.


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