Eaten Alive

The above video has been making waves around the internet at the speed of light.  In less than one hour it had over one million views, and sadly… I confess… I was one of the viewers. 

/lowers head in shame\ 

It’s titled, “eaten alive”.  But that’s a lie!

FRAUD!!!    FAKE!!!    CRAP!!!

Duped!  We were duped into thinking this guy is being eaten alive, but what’s really happening is the camera crew moves around a lot so you can’t actually see what’s happening.  They insert some intense music to get your heart pounding and then they have the idiot say something that makes it appear he’s in trouble.

You know…I would expect the 6.5 million people who viewed this pathetic piece of garbage to actually watch it.  I mean, you’re all a part of the herd anyway.  But me?  How could I fall for this? I separated myself from the herd years ago.  I know better…I’m not like you!!

Alas!  maybe I am….

/lowers head in shame again\ 

And they call this “science”?  really Discovery Channel?   really???   SCIENCE????  

I got news for you Discovery Channel perverts…what you did here isn’t science!  This is a Hodge-podge of unbelievable garbage that was strewn across the minds of the unsuspecting dote that can’t tell the difference between the true or false.  

You’re all morons that put this video together, and you need to realize that if you really want to be eaten alive, do it properly.

1) cover yourself with fresh meat.

2) stand in the middle of a wolves den.

3)  wait for the wolves to attack.

4)  be eaten alive.

And be sure to use this title for the next video: 

“Complete moron who appears to be eaten alive but is actually just laying there as we insert music and move the camera around a lot to make it appear he’s in trouble when the truth is, he’s not.  Oh…wait…yes he is.  He was really eaten this time.”

People who fake being eaten alive are pathetic.


11 thoughts on “Eaten Alive

  1. What better are we than our Roman ancestors who built a Colosseum to watch such stuff(including me who clicked to watch,maybe I wouldn’t have if I didn’t know that man ended up aive). Sigh ! So much for civilized society.


  2. Love your analysis. I don’t watch Discovery Channel any longer. Too much stuff on there that has nothing to do with science and physics and the universe. Not like it was at the beginning of it. I like my facts to be true and entertainment to be separated from things that are supposed to teach about reality. Although, I love science fiction. Heck, I need to go the other direction. Let’s have fiction and fantasy. Leave the reality stuff behind on the boring old Earth.

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  3. I did not watch the entire video, it’s got MK Ultra Mind Control in it.

    First of all, it’s not about being eaten alive, the entire piece is about sex, MK Ultra Mind Control, hidden within a supposed video about a snake, nope, about sex and mind control, it’s not pathetic — it’s Evil.


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