Single People

 doing it wrong

Hello single person who lives in a state of freedom and sustained woe.  Who’s mind jumps from “I wanna be married!” … to… “I love being single” … to … “Why can’t I find the right guy/gal?” in less time than it takes for dancing with the stars to start a new season.  

You ponder the question:  “Is there something wrong with me?”

Weeeellllll, now that you ask…

Yes.  Yes, there is something wrong with you.  Let’s take a look at that, shall we? 

Do you find it annoying if you’re at the movies and a little child sitting near you complains through the entire movie?   How about when you’re at work and you hear an annoying sound that repeats over and over again, but you just can’t seem to locate where it’s coming from to make it stop?  How’s about when you’re lying in bed at night and a cricket begins chirping in the room, so you get up and try to locate it, but you can’t find it? 

I got news for ya.

You’re the complaining child, the annoying sound and the chirping cricket all bundled together in one big bag of emotionally incoherent pig slop!! 

Thhhaaaaaat’s right.   You single people are annoying!

Your singleness should be embraced as freedom.  Freedom to enjoy the life that you have to come and go freely with no one…NO ONE…to hold you back.  Freedom to enjoy exploring the world and all it has to offer.  Freedom to hang.  Freedom to speak.  Freedom to be free!  

But no. 

You complain about being single.  Alone.  Separated from the world.  And you complain about not being loved, but have you ever tried LOVING someone first?  hrrmm…there’s a thought! 

Truth is…you’re only alone because you didn’t take the time to get out and try new things and meet new people.  You’re alone because you have a mental disorder that plagues you.  A disorder that makes you think you’re in a horrible state of affairs, but you’re really not, because you’re living in freedom.

Your mental disorder forces you into a frame of mind that makes you think you deserve someone better than what you really deserve.  I mean, let’s face it, your extreme overbite, earwax build up and inability to construct a proper sentence don’t exactly make you the world’s best mate! 

Furthermore, the fact that you whine as much as you do about not having someone really shows a bit of desperation about you and it’s quite pathetic. 

Let’s be honest here, who wants to be with a desperate, unloving, selfish, egotist who only thinks about their own needs above the needs of others?  

Answer:  Nobody! 

Single, desperate, whiny people are pathetic.


12 thoughts on “Single People

  1. sore married whiny people prophetic over like being married because they think you’re going to have companionship will guess what it’s all about making money and taking care of things and all well I think there going to be so madly in love and cherish each other’s moment will guess what there’s so much work to be done and so much to do less you know it gets kind of boring and then they start complaining complaining because they thought that marriage is going be all about getting their own needs mad no no-no no it’s Judy duty duty other what are they do they why well prophetic as pathetic as keg very ago married unmarried people are pathetic married single box single cheating on the side whatever it is people are pathetic.

    By the way I didn’t check any of the spelling that’s prophetic of using Siri cause I’m feeling lazy and it’s it’s all fucked up well that’s the way it is because I just don’t feel like typing today so if it doesn’t make itself doesn’t make any sense and does the pathetic or lazy or what I say or tell me because what the heck a series going to type why should I bother anybody daughter will figure it out because this is as good as Siri gets it anyway so are you all like everyone’s prophetic.

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        • I think Siri was drunk and stoned too!
          Siri must be a pathetic drunkard and drug addict. lol

          Why wouldn’t Siri be defective? Made by collie labour, they should call all things made by apple iSlave.

          Now that, truly is Pathetic, that apple, a company worth billions, uses slave labour, no, it’s beyond pathetic, it’s Evil.

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        • All the crap is all made by slaves, might as well use the one that is the best one, I mean, at leat those dear, exploited people should get some appreciation for their hard work in making the best computers, tablets and cell phones.

          Not that I own or use a cell phone, mind you, an iPad is as far as I will go with all the gadgets, even then, I only bought their latest and best ever iPad Air 2 because my 27 inch iMac got fried in a power outage.

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