Okay, so there’s this guy who, every morning, walks his little rat-looking animal down the sidewalk so it can do its dooty in the lawn that surrounds my apartment.  He does it so that he doesn’t have to pick up the rat-like crap from his own yard. 

Seriously, this thing that he walks every morning looks like a rat on a leash.  Actually, not even a rat…more like a ground squirrel with a lot of hair.  It’s a weird looking thing that only a derelict would possess, which is what I will be referring to said “guy” throughout the remainder of this post. 

So this derelict lives a block away, but like I mentioned above, every morning he “walks” the fuzzy, rat-like ground squirrel down the block and stands in front of my building.  He lights up a cigarette, puffs away on the cancer stick and lets this animal relieve itself on what I refer to as “my lawn“.

Normally, I wouldn’t have problem with it since the “lawn” isn’t really mine, but what I do have a problem with is that the derelict never picks up after his fuzzy, rat-like ground squirrel. 

The reason I have a problem with it is because the crap lays out there and melts into the dirt and when the dirt gets wet, it gives off an odor of …  you guessed it!!! …  CRAP!  

I’m afraid to open my windows on a nice day to get fresh air in my place because…1) the crap makes the freshness of the air rather “unfresh“.  and   2) he lights up a tar-infused, melanoma producing stink stick that saunters in through my windows in the morning and makes my place smell like a Marlboro factory.  

I had a conversation with this derelict last summer about his lack of decency and respect, and that he should take the feces from his fuzzy, rat-like ground squirrel back home; but he refuses to listen.

I wonder if he’ll listen after I get a bigger dog, have it eat his little ground squirrel and crap it out on his lawn.

Derelicts who smoke and own fuzzy, rat-like ground squirrels are pathetic.


31 thoughts on “Derelict

  1. Find the local ordinance. Call the police. 311. Ask them to post a “dog poo” offense fine sign. Take picture of said rat in action. Take another pic of guy leaving. Take final pic of said poo. Next time Guy decides to walk his dog on your lawn, show him said evidence and let him know you are watching and will call the police.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your travails. Cities seem to be magnets for assholes, don’t they? Thanks also for liking my blog piece about 13 days ago. Sorry to be late.


  3. Wow. Who would believe dog poo could have such a universal theme? There is a special place in hell for people who take their dog to someone elses green area.

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  4. That is pathetic, the poor little dog is not the problem, the owner is and, it’s even more pathetic that you hallucinate getting a mean dog that would kill the little dog, pathetic, truly pathetic.

    …and what makes you think that getting an aggressive dog that kills, that the dog won’t turn on you? or a baby?

    I hate smells too, but, hey, get a grip on yourself and get rational. Because this truly is pathetic, irrational and plain old mean.

    Maybe you are so allergic to some smells they cause you to go insane temporarily? idk, just get over it and make your way back to sanity.

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