Voice Contortions


We all love a good song now and then, am I right?  But why for the love of all things sticky and gooey, do performers think that shifting their voices up and down through the song will make me want to listen to them even more? 

They would be wrong. 

Stick to the notes!  The ones that are written on the sheet music.  The ones that keep the melody and the harmony exactly where it’s supposed to be.  Don’t do the vocal variation thing.  It’s annoying and makes me turn you off. 

I get that you can make your voice do contortions like a circus freak performing at Ringling Brothers, but that doesn’t give you liberty to ruin a great song.  It’s like listening to someone do the hokey pokey or the chicken dance with their voice. 

Let’s face it, no one wants that.

And for you ‘cattle’ who applaud and scream in approval of that garbage, what’s wrong with you?  Are you that stupid?  (yes)

Don’t you realize they forgot the words and are just trying to fill in the sequence of missing lyrics with noise?  (no)

You don’t see it, hear it or care because most of you are brainwashed ‘cattle’ who are just being bred for slaughter at the meat packing plant. 

Singers who can’t stick to the notes are pathetic!


4 thoughts on “Voice Contortions

  1. You are good for a laugh, glad I broke my own rule and started follwin’ ya!
    Yur funny, and that’s priceless in this pathetic society.

    Liked by 1 person

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