Not Funny


As I peruse the blogs and look for things to make my otherwise bitter, jealous, angry pathetic self laugh, I instead find more ideas of what I can complain about. 

For example, I have found many postings under the “humor” or “funny” tag that are neither humorous nor funny.

Let me give you a few examples:

1) The Adventure Blog  –  Not funny.  Doesn’t even garner a slight uptick from the corner of the mouth. 

2) MaxismsNot funny.  It’s long and overly boring.  You lost me at “Over“.

3) Thought CatalogNot funny.  Can we say, “trying to hard to get a rise out of me?”  I hope so, because you are.

4) Socks are for your feet sillyNot funny.  One liners are a great thing if you’re a standup comedian, which you obviously are not. 

5) Daily Political HumorNot Funny.  Every single person on earth can be compared to a Muppet.  Who cares?  Now, if their voices were compared to a Muppet’s voice…weeelll….that’s funny.

6) Journey of ThankfulnessNot Funny.  Yes, sometimes we do need to just “lol”, but sadly I’ll have to keep searching for something to provide me that pleasure. 

7) 365 Days of SittingNot Fun….  hrrmmm….  Okay, this one actually had me ‘crack’ a smile, but who can’t smile at a picture of a toilet?    (get it?  ….  “crack” a smile?  … ((sigh)) … if I have to explain it…..!!!!   aww forget it!) 

So, besides 365 Days of Sitting, I’d like to inform the rest of the ‘cattle’ who think they are posting humor that what they are really posting isn’t humor at all.  It’s mindless drivel.  it’s Monkshod, Aconite, Wolfsbane!   Stop tagging it as “funny” or “humor”…  IT’S NOT!!!

And to those of you in the herd who read it and follow it I’d like to point out that you’re grazing in a field of poisonous Fiddleneck.  It’s going to make you sick.  They are similar to Ellen The Degenerate who can only dance her way into making people laugh.

So, for the love of all things that are holy and good, stop following those idiots!

They are not funny!

Bloggers who don’t know humor are pathetic.



3 thoughts on “Not Funny

  1. I must say that I agree. I’m always looking under the humor section and I have to admit that only about 5% of the people that are in that section even attempt to make a joke. On the other hand, in the bitter section, there are some almost too positively upbeat people and it drives my bitterness to drink. I really think people need to evaluate their blogs before making me scroll through a bunch of unfunny blogs to make it to the good ones.

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    • Yeah, I did a search on both topics and wasn’t happy with the results. I even went out on the internet and searched for other blog sites that might contain some humor, but they are all alike. Few jokes…little humor and nothing that made me laugh.

      I would like to mention that I’m only doing this because of all the people in my life who have driven me up a wall over the years…so no one person or group will be immune. So…if you happen to take offense to any of the posts…I’m sorry…it was purely intentional. 🙂


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