Women Are Liars

cup of care

When a woman looks at me and says that she’s angry that her significant other lies to her, I always have to remind her of these FIVE things…

1)  She wears makeup which is meant to “cover up” any flaws in her face.  The makeup actually conceals her REAL appearance, therefore, she’s wearing a mask.

2)  When a woman starts to gain weight, she buys something more “slimming” or she purchases one of THESE to make her appear that she’s thinner than she really is.

3)  If her hair is thinner than she likes, she’ll buy extensions so her hair appears thicker than it really is.  

4)  If she’s going grey…like everyone else does…she’ll color her hair to cover up the true, natural color so people will think she’s younger than she is. 

5)  If she thinks that her boobs aren’t big enough, she’ll go out and buy a “push-up” bra to make them appear bigger than they really are.

After I mention these five things I look into her eyes and ask, “So…you were saying that you have a problem with liars?  Have you looked in the mirror?”  

Women are pathetic.  



16 thoughts on “Women Are Liars

  1. My husband would agree with your entirely. He feels like woman should be themselves and doesn’t like the makeup, hair coloring, ect. But I think most men feel that way, at least that’s been my experience from what I’ve seen and heard!

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        • wow…really?

          ….sigh… let me explain…

          The point is this…don’t be too hasty to judge a man for his lie when a woman walks around her whole life lying about her own identity.

          We’re all liars, so we need to look in the mirror and make sure we don’t have a log sticking out of our eye before telling someone to remove the twig from theirs.

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        • Fair enough, but why pick on women? Why not attack people in general?
          And, it takes lying to survive in this sick society, no one, is honest to their boss, see my point?


        • I’m not “picking on woman in general”. I’m just posting thoughts.

          Eventually, I’m going to pick on everyone…but since I just started this blog three days ago…I haven’t had time to accomplish my goal. 😉

          And I don’t necessarily agree that it takes lying to survive. I’ve done quite well with being honest.
          I’ve hurt a lot of feelings, but I’ve still done quite well.

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        • Well, work for a large company and then tell me one does not need to lie to survive, however, work for a large company, make a lot of money and then comes freedom to work at a job that does not come with the baggage of having to lie.

          But of course, it’s best to not work for large companies because it’s not a given that one will come out of it intact, it robs the soul.
          However, survive a large company, one will know how the sick system operates. Knowledge is power — to change the world.

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        • I see your point…and I did work for a large company. Three, to be exact and I found that lying to my boss to get ahead or to compete with others was soul crushing.
          It always ended poorly for me when I did that because I was usually found out, which made my work life even more dreadful.

          You are correct, the system is sick, but it doesn’t have to be that way. People don’t have to be that way. We can change…

          Wow…what am I saying? Of course you’re right! the systems is flawed and no one can tell the truth! Workers are pathetic! Corporations are pathetic! knowledge is power to change the world, but even that is flawed and people with knowledge are pathetic!

          Thanks for the ideas! LOL. 😉

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        • I agree, people are pathetic parasites, who will, I am sure, will be kicked off the planet by Mother Earth who is tired of bleeding from people parasites.

          So much for changing the world, eh, I actually don’t have one speck of sand of hope that humans will survive what they have done, and that is: commit matricide.

          I’m pathetic too, going around writing poetry about love and hope when I’m as cynical as cynical can get.

          Oh well, it gets people through the day to give illusory hope, so I say, why not?

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